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List Rules

Your bot will be denied or deleted for these.

- Admin Invite

We will remove admin perms from your invite unless your bot is an anti-raid bot.

- Mass DM

Please keep your token safe and do not mass DM using your bot.

- Bot Ghost / Bot Designer

We do not approve these bots due to low effort and quality.

- Cloned Bots

Forked bots such as Redbot or JMusicBot will be denied.

- Bad Quality

Low quality bots with brokens command and no error or permission checks will be denied.

- Say Command

Check if the command can ping everyone or limit this command to mods.

Server Rules

Your bot will be muted or kicked from the server for these.

- Level Up

Please disable this or add a mod note.

- Join Messages

Disable DM join messages and use our #testing-logs channel.

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