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NEW Azur Lane Gacha Simulator! Search up AL/Genshin waifus with ease. 25+ anime/reactions/images/lewd commands!

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Shinano, the floofiest bot of them all.

"Was it you who awoke this one from her long slumber? Such is the inevitability of fate... Please allow Shinano, the third ship of the Yamato-class, to guide you forward upon the right path"

⚓ | Shinano is the perfect bot for Azur Lane player! You can get detailed information about shipfus using the /ship command, as well as with gears and chapters using the /gear and /chapter commands!

🧠 | PR Calculation? EXP Calculation? Shinano won't even broke a sweat calculating those for you!

📰 | Receive the latest news about the game, from both EN and JP server!

🗡️ | Query detailed information about Genshin characters, weapons, artifacts, materials, and enemies!

🔍 | She also can search and show detailed info about thousands of animes and anime characters on MyAnimeList!

⭐ | Furthermore, Shinano has over 25+ images (generation/manipulation) and reactions for commands for all of your entertainment needs!

💖 | Over 20+ hentai/porn commands of premium quality to satisfy all your sexual desires (completely free to use!)

🔥 | Automatically post lewds into your server with the /autohentai command!

📖 | Search and read doujinshi right in your server with /doujin! Currently Shinano supports nhentai

👀 | Look-up anime character and artists' artworks with the /booru command. Shinano currently 3 of the biggest booru image boards!

🔍 | Look up sources of artwork with high accuracy using /sauce!

🔨 | Shinano is being actively maintained, so even more features will be added in the future!

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