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Quick Reconnaissance, Competitive Dota 2, Cryptochecker, and fully functional NSFW bot with a bunch features.

Prefix: $!









More Stats

Scathach bot.

Multipurpose servant and Warrior maid written in NodeJS,
the main purpose is bringing DotA 2 into Discord, but over time has several other functions like: Recon, Crypto, Mods, Shitposts and also a bunch NSFW and lewd stuff.

Click here for a full command list
Getting started with $!help (customizable) or mention @Scathach#1444


  • 😠 Anime
    has several anime related commands to search anime, mangainfo, seiyuuinfo, anitrendz, illustrator tracker, seasonalReminder etc.

  • πŸ’° Crypto
    contains Currency conversions & Cryptocurrency stats or Foreign exchange rates.

  • πŸ† DotA 2
    Scathach bringing dota 2 utilities over discord service, allowing for realtime-check match, competitive, patch, heroes or items in any Discord server.

  • πŸ˜€ Memes
    Lots of Reddit memes, scathach contains 90+ categories memes and shitposts, or specific /r/user.

  • βš™οΈ Mod
    Custom prefix, kick, ban, prune, nsfw toggler, future feature will available soon

  • πŸ”ž NSFW
    BORN TO LEWD, Fully functional NSFW bot with tons features, lots of Booru and Nekos, over 80 commands available to satisfied yer horny!

  • πŸ’Έ LewdEconomy
    Global economy, idle gacha system every you running any Nsfw commands you able to gain more coins, check your $!bal or $!wallet

  • 🎯 Recon
    Scathach trying build Quick recon and pentest utilities over discord service, allowing quickcheck, scan, and information gathering in any Discord server.

  • πŸ™ˆ Roleplay
    express yourself with smug,hug,slap etc.. especially we have Fate/Grand Order edition.

  • πŸ’Ž Utilities
    A bunch of API entries and completely free.

... and a bunch more!

Opensource Project.

Some of the modules and api that we use are mostly locally made,
I'm always happy to receive PR and issues or just look arround to improve things.
check it out our project at:

Privacy policy and data issues.

We stored some data mostly snowflake assigned by Discord and your steam32ID, which is linked to a handful of things depending on how you interact with the bot.
Frequently asked questions

  • How can users get data removed? You can type $!data purge for remove your data from Scathach bot.

It's all free, forever.

Links:,, Discord

Futher information you can read Scathach's docs and commands, changelogs, privacy policy

Bug or Glitches, even suggesting or blame this bot
You can report through $!blame command.

Check $!banned – Horny Patrol, loli shota or cub isn’t allowed query here.

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