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Kettu is a safe for work furry bot with a plethora of socal and moderation commands, custom boost messages, raidmode, selfroles and more :3

Prefix: k!









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Kettu is a safe for work furry bot made to keep your server fluffs happy and safe. The default prefix is k! however this can be changed with the command k!preifx <new prefix here> or by changing it on the dashboard. You can also ping the bot as a prefix @Kettu help. Run the command k!help or k!h to see Kettu's commands or check out Kettu's documentation. If you need help you can join Kettu's support server.


<> = Required arguments

[] = Optional arguments

Do not type out <> or [] when running commands.

Social Commands

Kettu has a plethora of social commands to interact with other fluffs on your server. All social commands need a user argument, either a mention a user or a user ID. For example k!hug @Gideon . The command will have a short message and some will even have some art to go with it. Some commands may even give a special response if you do them to yourself 👀 An example of a hug is show below.

Example of a hug

You can disable the social commands from embeding an image by putting {noembed} in the channel topic. Useful for main chat channels.

Example of no embed

Kettu's social commands are boop, hug, kiss, nom, lick, snuggle, pet, zap, nuzzle, cookie, pounce and bap. You can view the social command reference here.

Nitro boost messages

Kettu has a unique feature where you can set custom messages when someone boosts your server. Perfect for an automatic thank you message :3 To set a custom message run the command k!nitro and follow the instructions. The default boosting message is shown below

Example of a boosting message

Moderation Commands

Kettu is packed with powerful moderation commands. From bans, to mutes, to locking down channels or the server itself and everything in between Kettu has you covered.

Even commands such as k!ban are very advanced. You can ban multiple users at once by providing multiple user augments either as mentions or user IDs. You can even provide images as apart of the reason. The image will be shown in the mod logs if set and in the case if searched.

example of a multi ban

Kettu also has moderation logs that log all moderation actions taken with Kettu. To set moderation logs either run the command k!modlog <#Channel/ID> or visit Kettu's dashbboard. The first example shown below is the logs from the ban command above and the second example being the moderation log of a single ban.

Mod logs from the first example

Single mod log example

All moderation actions will also be sent to the user(s) informing them of what happened if they were in the server at the time. An example is shown below.

Example of a kick DM

A little note will be added if a user could not be DMed and the user was in the server on moderation actions so you know weather or not the user ever received a message. This information can also be checked with the history command e.g. k!history 4 would show you information about case 4.

Example of a kick with a dm failed message and the history command in use

Kettu's moderation commands are ban, kick, softban, warn, lockchannel, unlockchannel, lockserver unlockserver, slowmode, unban, check, history, mute, pardon, purge, raidmode, reason and unmute. You can find the full command reference here.


Kettu has a customizable automatic or manual raidmode with two modes, kick and ban. To set the automatic raidmode run the command k!configraidmode [mode] [time] [joins]. For example if you did configraidmode kick 3 3 if 3 users join in 3 seconds any new users would be automatically kicked from the server. When the user is kicked from the server Kettu will DM them stating that raidmode is activated as shown below.

DM from raidmode in kick mode

When the raidmode is tripped a message will be posted in the set moderation log (if set) and it will ping the moderator role if set.

The triggered message

This is only a few highlights of what Kettu can do, if you would like to learn more about Kettu please check out Kettu's website and documentation. Have questions? Feel free to ask them in Kettu's support server

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