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A multipurpose bot that helps automate actions in your server. Features many unique utility and fun commands.

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A verified bot by Discord.

Features many unique and useful functions including but not limited to:
♾️ Amari API integration for reward role refresh on specific users.
♾️ Weather API for info gathering about weather in a specific region. (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Wind)
♾️ Space API integration that shows useful information for space lovers. (Humans in space right now, Astronomy Picture of the Day)
♾️ Message Export function to ensure that you won't lose track of old memories even if you switch servers or want to clean some channels. =export has got you covered.
♾️ Leave leaderboard function to provide statistics about the users that left your server the most. You might wanna find out the imposter. Use =leaveleaderboard to find out. Oh yes, it shows up on the =userinfo command too. Example
♾️ Define command to make sure you get your English right. 😉
♾️ Qr generator command to get those compact images with secret meaning in it.
♾️ Statues (also known as Red Light, Green Light) is a popular children's game, often played in different countries. (Source: Wikipedia)
The game is also seen in Netflix™ Drama: Squid Game
In this game, you have to run as far as possible by pressing the Run button when it is green. Pressing it when it is red will get you instantly executed.
The button might change from red to green or from green to red every 5 seconds. Burple coloured button is "Yellow".

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