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Multi-Purpose Bot, Moderation, Economy, Giveaways, Warnings, Fun. All Behind One Prefix

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About Keenbot

KEEN is a Multi-Purpose discord bot that was created to make the Discord server more enjoyable and easier to manage as the bot contains many categories such as moderation, leveling , currency, games and more we have a lot of commands and we will add more.

  • KEEN is only here to make you OWN BEST DISCORD SERVER!
  • Everything you want behind one PREFIX
  • Developers updating KEEN every day to make KEEN do whatever you want.

KEEN has
See all Categories Command Use /help < Category Name >

  • Security
  • Moderation
  • Fun Commands
  • Economy
  • Leveling
  • Suggestions
  • Giveaways
  • Warnings

And a lot of commands and things KEEN can do it are waiting you to test it

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