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Youtube Downloader is a discord bot for converting youtube video links in .mp3 files with it then sent to users

Prefix: -a









More Stats

Example command:

  • -a [example youtube video link]
  • -a [song title]

How it works:

  • Bot receives a message from a user
  • Bot checks if the message you sent contains a link
  • Bot check if the message contains more than one links
  • Bot check if you sent a valid youtube video link - security check
  • The valid yt link is passed to the youtube_dl library
  • Youtube_dl library downloads the youtube video within seconds
  • Bot checks if the file size of the downloaded mp3 file is over 8MB
  • Bot sends a message with the file embeeded

!Note: Unless you're discord server is boosted then you wont be able to convert videos longer that 7 minutes and this bot does not support "ascii" characters.

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