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Roles . . . Roles . . . More Roles . . . Fwogo loves them! Fwogo is a role management bot!

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<a href="https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=894206500887748648&permissions=140928994368&scope=bot%20applications.commands"><img src="https://images.cooltext.com/5560250.png" width="225" height="87" alt="Fwogo
" /></a>
<br/>Invite Fwogo by clicking the image or the link above the image!</a>

Slash commands!

rolelist - This will list all the server's roles!

setautorole / deleteautorole - This will set and remove the auto role!

Add / remove role - It will remove and add a role to a user!

AND Many Many more Slash commands!

Vote For us! The Bots main Features and Commands

Reaction Roles

rradd - This adds a reaction role!

rrdel- This deletes a reaction role!

buttonroles- This will create a button role!

menuroles- This will create a menu role!

Utility / Other

Ping- Shows bot latency

Embeds- Generate an embed for your commands!

botsuggest- Give a bot suggestion!

Report- report a bug!

Botinfo- Gives some info about the bot!


Help Commands
Help Commands

Button Roles
Button Roles

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