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Wanna play some multiplayer games and search for a gaming buddy? I can connect you with some random gamers, which are also interested in playing together.

Prefix: N/A -> DM









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What is this bot good for?

🎮 You are a gamer and want to play with some other gamers?

❓ But do not know how to find them?

❗ GamingBuddy is the solution for this problem!


✅ Setup an account and passing by your favourite games

🔍 Join a searching queue, to find your potential gaming buddy

📣 Communicates over multiple discord servers

More info on our website!


The bot communicates over direct message, so you need no prefix and the bot needs no permissions on your server.

command description
start First, you have to register yourself and tell the bot afterwards, what kind of games you play.
start [id] Register at GamingBuddy with partner id.
profile Watch your profile settings
allgames List all available games
games [Games] Set your game filter (eg. LoL,Minecraft,New World)
search Join the searching queue & try to find a gaming buddy for your considered games
search [Game] Join the searching queue & try to find a gaming buddy for a specific game
endsearch Leave the searching queue
addgame [Game] Send a game suggestion
partner Register for the partner program
partner status Get status of partner program
calladmin [Message] Have some problems with the bot? Write your problem here.
deleteaccount Delete your account, in case you do not want to use the service anymore

Some of these commands can be taken by interactions as well.


If you create an account and use the bot, your discord name and tag may be shared with other users. This will garant that you can communicate with your potential gaming buddy.

Checkout our website for more information!

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