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A multi-purpose bot with features like Moderation , Giveaway , Badges , Games , Info , Images Generation , Phone call and More!!

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Basic Features of Uchiha Bot!!

Moderation - It has many Moderation commands which will help you moderate your server and keep it safe. From mods logs to verification setup it has various types of Commands which can be used in you server!!

Giveaway - Giveaway commands which will help you to host Giveaway in your server and it is easy to use so no lengthy process to start a Giveaway!!

Information - Many informative commands which will give you information about your server / user / role or any other things. It will be useful to keep a track on your server!!

Fun/Games - Many fun command for entertainment of the users and Many games which can be played between the players or can played with the bot!!

Image/Phone - Image generation command which enhance the the avatars of users by giving them different looks. And aslo a new feature to see other users Profile Banner!!

Phone Call - Phone command first has to be setup in a specific channel and after that it can be used to make a phone call and become an intermediate and server members of different server can chat through the bot!!

Badges - Special feature in which users can get different badges in their bot profile by buying the badges from in bot currency of Support Server!!

Music and Many Other Features Coming Soon!!

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