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Sensory is a bot dedicated to protecting discord servers and mitigating targeted attacks.

Prefix: s?




James Carter#0001





More Stats

Sensory is a dedicated bot on defending automated attacks towards your discord server, We pride ourselves on privacy as our number one goal. Unlike most discord verification bots that fail to stop automated attacks and could be bypassed simply by reading an image sensory is web-based and detects incoming automated requests blocking the member from accessing your server.

Sensory offers loads of rules for you to set from blocking asn and on-board hashes to detecting proxies / VPN connections blocking them from accessing your servers range.

What makes sensory different from other verification bots?
Privacy and reliability. Every connection made towards sensory services is hashed and protected from any sort of breaches keeping you and your members safe from any sort of possible identity matching.
Sensory has modern technology to detect browser spoofing and automation stopping attackers.

Is sensory simple to setup?
Yes! sensory is one of the most simplest bot out there to your surprising it only takes 5-10s to setup sensory in your server

Example of sensory setup.

  • s?setup role (role name)
    allows members to receive the role once the bot has resolved their verification
  • s?setup process (channel name)
    allows members to execute s?verify plugin incase their direct messages were closed.
  • s?setup logging (channel name)
    allows sensory to notify you when an event such as completed verification or blocked attacks.

Sounds great! whats the catch?
Theres no catch! sensory is free to use!

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