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Adix is a high quality music bot meant to benefit the various communities on Discord.

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Adix, one of the newest music bots to make an appearance on Discord. Stream thousands of songs and videos of your choosing in a voice channel. Enjoy using Adix not only by regularly playing music but by also using filters to spice things up. You can use the help command (a?help) to view the server prefix, the bot's privacy policy, a list of all of the operational commands, and the support server. You can check out each feature from there with more detailed information. The following is a list of all Adix's categories and commands:

Command Structure
<prefix><command> <required arguments> [optional arguments]

Utility & Music Commands
» help - Lists the bot's commands along with a link to the support server, the bot's privacy policy and the sever prefix(use [command name] ["-help"].
» about - Check out privacy policy of the bot.
» autoplay - Autoplay is playing of songs automatically after one another, this command toggles it.
» back: Play the previously played song.
» clear-queue: Clear the queue of the player.
» disconnect: Disconnect the bot from VC
» forward - Forward the current song by 10 Seconds or an amount of your own choice.
» join - Make the bot join VC.
» jump - Jump to a selected song in the queue.
» loop - Toggle queue repeat mode. Queue repeat mode repeats all song in the queue.
» lyrics - Sends the lyrics of requested song.
» nowplaying - Shows name of currently playing song.
» pause - Pause the currently playing song.
» play - Plays audio and starts the song party!
» queue - Access the queued songs.
» reload - Reload the gun lol. This is owner only command.
» remove - Remove a selected song in the queue.
» repeat - Toggle song repeat mode. This will repeat the song if enabled.
» replay - Replay the song from start.
» resume - Resume playing the song.
» rewind - Reverse the current song by 10 Seconds or desired amount.
» seek - Set the song position from current position.
» shuffle - Shuffle the queue. Shuffling with swap position of multiple songs in the queue. THIS CANT BE REVERSED!
» skip - skip the current song
» skipto - SKip to a selected song in the queue.
» stop - Stop the player
» support - Link for the home of the bot!
» uptime - Check the stats of the bot!
» volume - Set the player volume from 1 to 200.

If you have any inquiries, need support or want to report a bug you can join the Matrix Development Discord server in the social link section.

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