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Use AI to help with moderating unwanted content on your server!

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Detect toxicity on your server

The Oterlu Bot uses AI technology to log abuse on your server giving your moderators the tools they need to find threatening or offensive content. The reported messages will be posted to a private logs channel so you can take action as you see fit.

No more keyword filters

The Oterlu Bot was trained using complex algorithms to identify different abusive behaviours you might encounter in your community. This goes beyond just blacklisting words, we are constantly training our algorithms to improve performance. Currently Oterlu Bot can identify three behaviours:

  • Toxicity: Abusive behaviour towards other users (Default)
  • Profanity: General swearing and profane language (Optional)
  • NSFW: Users engaging in NSFW behaviour such as sexting (Optional)

Get Server Insights

The Oterlu Bot can also generate reports on what abuse is happening on your server and who is causing the most disruptions. There are commands to check specific users and channels for the % of messages that were labeled as abusive, as well as a weekly report of your communities health.


Type o$setup for a detailed guide to setting up the bot.
Type o$help for a list of all available commands.

Statistics Overview

  • Server weekly statistics:o$stats
  • Channel weekly statistics:o$stats channelName
  • User weekly statistics:o$stats userName
  • Channels top list:o$top channels
  • Users top list:o$top users


  • Set logs channel:o$setlogs channelName
  • Set stats channel:o$setstats channelName
  • Set access role(s):o$setroles role1:role2:roleN
  • Set the label(s):o$setlabels label1:label2:labelN
  • Set the top list count:o$settoplist N
  • Set the ignore channels:o$setignore channel1:channel2:channelN
  • Set whitelist:o$setwhitelist role1:role2:roleN
  • Display config settings:o$settings


  • Report a false positive classification:o$report fp message_id
  • Report a false negative classification:o$report fn message_id


The bot will function without [Manage Roles, Manage Channels, Manage Messages] but without these permissions you must manually assign a logs and stats channel.

  • Manage Roles
  • Manage Channels
  • Read Messages
  • Send Messages
  • Manage Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files
  • Read Message History

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