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Yuyuko, a Touhou Discord bot that is made for your server's needs that includes moderation, osu!, fun, and more!

Prefix: y!









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Your Touhou-inspired Discord assistant that's capable of doing many things from moderating, utilities, interacting, and more!


Yuyuko's commands consist of more than 5 categories. All of them can be seen through the use of y!help command. Yuyuko has more than 60 commands to use!


Yuyuko has osu!std commands for circle-clicking players, such as:

y!beatmap → Gets details from a beatmap using links and IDs

y!stduser → Gets details of an osu! player, including their top play

y!recent → Gets the player's most recent play

Yuyuko also has many fun commands you can use to interact and play with other users.

y!fight → Fights the user

y!guess → Plays a "guess the number" game with Yuyuko

y!reddit → Gets a random post from any subreddit

And many more...

Yuyuko has special commands for moderating purposes!

y!addrole → Adds a role to the user

y!mute → Prevents the user from talking and texting

y!lock → Locks the channel for the @everyone role

And more!

If you wanna ask Yuyuko a yes/no question, simply type your question by saying "Yuyuko, (question)?" and she will answer!

You can ship a user with another with the y!ship command if you want. Yuyuko will also provide the success rate of the "ship" and also the name of this "ship".

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