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an easy to use, easy to configure discord bot to help you keep tracking your server's invites

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mega Invites

Simple, Feature-Rich and Easy-to-use discord bot that help you keep tracking your server's invites

this bot can log and trace which invite a newly joined member used to join your server also it provides a nice looking and colorful dashboard to help you modify bot settings in your server with ease!

Start using the bot by inviting him to your server then type +help to get a full list of all available commands.

Unique messages depending on join state (member, bot, vanity url usage)
Leaderboard (a list of most members helped your community grow more!) (command: +leaderboard)
Variables (this helps with message customisation ) (command: +variables)

And also there is ability to server's admins to add or reset the invites counter. this requires the member to have Manage Server Permission.

NOTE: Due to discord API and how they control invites, the bots can't retrieve any information about members that are already in the server before bot join

Required bot's permissions:
This is the most sensitive part BUT it's required for the bot to be able to work properly.

Manage Server: this permission is required to fetch invites data!
Embed Links: this permission is required because a lot of bot message come as an embedded message!
Add reactions: this permission is required to add some reactions required to control embed pages!
NOTE: Maybe upcoming updates will require more permissions depending on what feature the bot will support!

have a feature to suggest? Join the support server and tell us!

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