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Hey, im Pendragon. One of the most complete bots with hundreds of features you would ever need to use for a basic discord server.

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Kurisu Makise#5506





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Pendragon is a huge bot which can replace 10s of bots all by itself. Everything has been well arranged in categories for easier access to all commands. The bot can help u in almost all aspects to maintain and build you server. With features that help you with your server, Pendragon also has features like fun commands, misc commands, media, pokedex features, games etc for those who want to have fun on discord. The bot is purely SFW and should only be used for SFW purposes only.
The bot has all basic moderation features listed under mod and admin categories along with some advanced moderation features. The bot has additional server management features like Reaction Roles, Server Backup, Ticketing System with all features you would need including ticket scripts and logging.
The bot also has info commands for basic information on servers, users and the bot itself. The bot also has a global economy system with quite many commands. The bot also has giveaway features to make raffles and giveaways in your server. Pendragon has an integrated music system with high quality music with a huge library and many music filter options. Along with all these the bot also has an advanced activity tracker and levelling system with with all features including rank cards and level up roles etc. And some basic features like welcome and leave messages and verification system are also included in the bot. To make the bot and server active, Pendragon also has auto responding system ,polling features and suggestion system. Added to this the bot has various logging features like message edit/delete logging, members log, moderation logs and many more.
Pendragon has a small bump reminder feature to remind a role to bump their discord server on disboard.
For easier Pendragon bot management, the bot also has toggle command and category commands to disable a whole set of commands or category in a server

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