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A Discord Bot focused on easy-to-use yet powerful reaction roles.

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Reacts: Easy Yet Powerful Reaction Roles

Reacts is a bot focused on making it easy for you to set up and edit reaction roles with the following commands:

  • create - This command will guide you through the entire reaction role creation process.

  • edit - Edit your reaction roles after you've made them! You can add, remove, change reaction role type, or clear all reaction roles.

  • view - View all the reaction roles you have set up with Reacts.

  • delete - Delete all reaction roles in your server.

  • help - View a complete list of commands and instructions on how to use them.

  • and more utility commands!

Built with ease-of-use at the absolute center, anyone can easily set up reaction roles with intuitive guided commands and no unnecessary features. (definitely none of those pesky DMs other reaction roles bots send)
No need to mess around with developer mode or watch youtube tutorials anymore, Reacts will guide you through the entire reaction role creation process and you'll have everything up and going in no time! Need to edit your reaction roles after making them? No problem! Reaction roles should be easy. Custom and animated emojis are now supported as well!
From the developers, we hope you enjoy Reacts! All feedback is appreciated (it helps us make Reacts a better bot!), positive or negative (but hopefully positive 😃

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