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A Captcha-based Discord bot helps to secure servers from automated users who are targeted to harm the server

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InCaptcha, a captcha-based Discord bot helps to secure your servers from raiders and automated users who targeted to harm servers.

Bot's Info

Bot's Library: Eris
Bot's Prefix: **!**

Setting Up The Bot

To get full detailed setup, scroll down to the Configuration Setup section and follow its instructions.


Since this bot is mainly used by Server Admins, there aren't many general commands provided.






Sends a new Captcha incase users failed to attempt, DMs are locked, or errors occur



Gives the help message



Gives the stats of the bot. Currently showing the total servers and users count



Give the list of the remaining required actions to configure



Configure the bot and display the current configuration

Configuration Setup

We've provided 2 instructions for you and feel free to choose which to follow. Both works the same.

Quick Configuration Setup

1st. Invite InCaptcha
2nd. Run !setuplist and check the remaining actions to completely configure the bot.
3rd. Run !config and configure the appropriate field such as waitingRoom and verifiedRole within the command.
4th. Edit each channels Permissions to denying the @everyone role or the unverifiedRole, if you had configured one and allowing the verifiedRole to view and send messages in the channels. You can also do the same thing but instead on the category and sync all channels based on the category.

  • Configuration Completed

Detailed Configuration Setup

Firstly, Invite InCaptcha to your server.

  • When inviting the bot, it'll opened up a Discord OAuth.
  • Make sure to invite the bot with the Send Messages, View Channels, Manage Roles, Kick Members, and Ban Members permissions.
  • Select which server you want the bot to join and click Continue and Authorize.

Secondly, after inviting the bot with the correct permissions, run !setuplist.

  • When you invited the bot for the first time, it should look something like this when running !setuplist

This will display the necessary actions need to be done before the bot can completely working. You'll need to configure the bot using !config command and provide the waitingRoom and verifiedRole field as shown above image. Note that the bot also supports additional features for you to use and these are optional.

Thirdly, configure the bot.

  • Configuration are always done within the !config command. See below for features which are available.



Display The Current Configuration

!config waitingRoom [Channel | None]

The waiting room/verification channel

!config verifiedRole [Role| None]

Given the role when user successfully completed a Captcha

!config unverifiedRole [Role| None]

Given the role when user have not completed a Captcha yet

!config logsRoom [Channel | None]

The Captcha logs channel

!config captchaOnDM [True | False]

Whether the bot will send the Captcha to user's DM automatically or not. If False, user need to verify manually by running !verify in waitingRoom

!config captchaFail [Kick | Ban | None]

Action for the bot to do to users who failed the Captcha (ran out of time)

To ensure you configured everything correctly, run !setuplist again to confirm.

Lastly, editing the permissions.

  • Remember when editing channels permissions, always allow verifiedRole to view and send messages and disallow for @everyone or unverifiedRole if configured.

For a proper and efficient permissions setup, see below for our most recommended method when editing channels permissions.

  • waitingRoom@everyone | unverifiedRoleView Channels & Send MessagesTrue
  • waitingRoomverifiedRoleView Channels & Send MessagesFalse
  • Categories@everyone | unverifiedRoleView Channels & Send MessagesFalse
  • CategoriesverifiedRoleView Channels & Send MessagesTrue
  • Sync all channels with the category

Congratulations! Your Configuration Is Done.


How Does This Work?

Whenever a user joins a server, they'll see nothing except the waitingRoom channel used for verification. The bot will then send a Captcha in user's DM for them to solve before entering the server. When the user successfully completed the Captcha given, they'll received the verfiedRole and are able to see the rest of the channels.

Below are the example of how users solving their Captcha. They need to type out the code what they saw and that's it! These verification actions are only done in the user's DMs and the waitingRoom

Simple, isn't it? This is not required any Server admins to interact with the unverified users.

What If The User DMs Are Locked?

When a user DMs is disabled, the bot will ping them on the waitingRoom channel to enable the DMs in order to solve the Captcha. They also need to run !verify manually for a new Captcha.

What If Users Failed The Captcha?

Whenever a user failed a Captcha, they'll be told to gain a new Captcha in the waitingRoom channel and run !verify.

Do Users Get The Same Captcha?

Nope. All Captchas are generated randomly. Using the same Captcha would ruin the Security.

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