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A Discord Bot which uses latest Discord features to make everything looks and works better!

Prefix: aq.









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Aqueous Bot (Aqueous#0111)

Aqueous is a proprietary project aimed to see the world from a different perspective. It is a unique bot and it works in its own way.

Currently, the help command is outdated. So, you may join Support Server to get a list of all commands available in this bot.
Note: [.] means optional argument and <.> means compulsory argument.


Prefix is case-insensitive. You may use: Aq. aq. AQ. aQ. Aq aq AQ aQ


Aqueous Forms

  1. For Setting up Aqueous Forms: aq.forms
    You will get two buttons, one for setting up configuration (Submission Channel, Required Role and Awarding Role) and another for setting up Application Form (Maximum 5 questions and each question's maximum limit: 45 characters).

  2. To get the Public Panel for allowing users to apply: aq.forms panel

Verification System

  1. Make a verification role.
  2. Type : aq.verification [?new] <verificationRoleID/verificationRoleMention> [Verification code]
    Don't type ?new if you want to setup classic verification system by locking most of the channels.
    Now the bot will setup everything including all channel permissions.
    Note: The bot's highest role must be above verification role, else the > setup will fail.
  3. To get verification panel in verification channel, type it in that channel: aq.vpanel

Moderation Commands

  • [ ] Ban: aq.ban <userID/mentionUser> [Reason]
  • [ ] Unban: aq.unban <userID/mentionUser> [Reason]
  • [ ] Softban: aq.softban <userID/mentionUser> [Reason]
  • [ ] Kick: aq.kick <userID/mentionUser> [Reason]
  • [ ] Timeout: aq.timeout <userID/mentionUser> DD:HH:MM [Reason]
  • [ ] RemoveTimeout: aq.removetimeout <userID/mentionUser> [Reason]

Basic Commands

  • [ ] Bot Information: aq.botinfo
  • [ ] Current Server Information: aq.serverinfo
  • [ ] To send feedback:
  • [ ] To get weather reports: <cityName/stateName/regionName>

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