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Jericho Wiki Jericho is a Multi Purpose Discord Bot and used by 3 Million+ Users and 200+ Servers .

Prefix: je!









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Jericho Wiki

Jericho is a Multi Purpose Discord Bot and used by 5 Million+ Users and 1.5k+ Servers and is growing still now , Commands and Features will be listed below and Universal Prefix as - je! and Later can be Changed to your Desired Choice and Help Command for Jericho is - je!help

Commands Categories

  1. Utility Commands
  2. Entertainment Commands
  3. Fun Commands
  4. Misc Commands
  5. Moderation Commands
  6. Staff / Dev Commands

Extra Informations

**Utility Commands 😗*
Jericho has Some Helping Features for Discord Server like Giving Game Server Status for 260+ Games with 2 minutes Auto - Update Feature , A.I. Chatting is also for you to comfort you in Bad Times and many More in the Category

**Entertainment Commands 😗*
Jericho has some Cool Features to entertain You by Serving a High Quality Music from Spotify / Youtube / SoundCloud with the help of id , Title , and Link . Jericho will more number of Features in - future like Text to Speech or 24/7 Radio Feature [ After getting Some Donations ]

**Fun Commands 😗*
Jericho can Meme Generate for you from Social Platforms , You want to Share your Own Memes to Publish ? You can also do it . There you can do Many Funny thing like You can Actual Marry or Propose Someone . I know it's Virtual But you know Jericho is there to Celebrate with you , and Many More Commands

**Misc Commands 😗*
Jericho can say Anything for you or do Something for you like Custom Made Commands . Woah are you excited ? Wait its in Development .

**Moderation Commands 😗*
You want to Secure your Server from Raiding you or Anyone Else ?? Jericho is made for such a day and with Moderation Logs for everythng with Jericho's Logging touch and Many More Strong Commands .

**Staff / Dev Commands 😗*
Staff and Developer Commands are something Confidential for a Reason , We follow Jericho's Privacy Policy Strictly and We never trough away the Data Protection , But All the Staff are Trained to use those Commands and are very Much Trusted for these Work

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