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Strong ability booru imageboards, Out-of the box NSFW, Crypto price alerts, and Quick penetration testing

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Fate/Lewd Order: Take your server to the Future Lewds and The next level of juicy with Scathach!
Scathach bringing Out-of-the-box features and almost never reinventing the wheel.

Wrapped through Fate/Lewd Order theme, Sca has many features to outplay your server:
Strong ability booru imageboards, Out-of the box NSFW, Carry out most of your anime things, Easy access music modules, Periodic crypto currency alerts, Can support your Dota 2 game stats, Pretty lewds entertainment, Semi multi-purpose and Quick penetration testing.


  • More than NSFW!
  • Sca is designed designed to always return the result you want.
  • While other bot forbids you to search over long and complex queries, Sca will always listen it all.
  • If other bot just prove constant features and no search required:
    • Sca allows you to explore and spice up your sexual experience over searching behaviour!
  • Sca known for its NSFW bot, but now it's pretty sick and semi multi-purpose
  • View our page to see everything Scathach can outplays your server!
  • Microservices
    • Although Sca is where the Discord focused, she also available on Telegram.


  • Strong ability booru imageboards
  • Out-of the box NSFW
  • Doujin aggregator
  • Carry-out most of your anime things
  • Crypto currency notification
  • Easy access music modules
  • Semi-multipurpose
  • Build on quick penetration testing
  • Congratulations, you're found sick nsfw bot and its 99% free

Getting started with: $!help or <?help (configurable) / mention @Scathach#1444,

What can i get for using this bot?

✔️ Anime: Anime, written media, manga, or popular things in this season. These commands are designed to always return the result you want. Sca also features airing notifications.

🎨 Booru: Strong ability booru imageboards, You can even request up to 15 images at once. Additionally you can choose reaction which its up to 100 images of an array.

🔞 Booru-armor: Fully configurable per guilds. Sca has exalted ability to block certain disgust/inappropriate contents from related booru. Majority booru can be set as alert/notification.

📈 Crypto alerts: Easily check on your coins with Scathach's crypto command. Sca also features coin alerts, which allows periodic notification about latest price of certain coins.

🏹 Dota 2: Sca bringing Dota 2 utilities over Discord service, which allows gets realtime match data, patch, heroes, certain items and some competitive stuff in your own server.

🔞 Doujin: Introducing Doujin Aggregator. Not just a Lookups. Now you can read and download your fav doujins in your own server, more than Nhentai?!

🍑 Fun: Entertainment and lewdness through roleplays. Pretending to fuck your friends, or just being a dick. Sca has many resources booth nekos hentai or irl contents.

🔨 Mods: While Sca's purpose isn't to be a moderation, Sca still have sick moderation and automod. Most notable is the Anti-alt command, which allows you to full control over behavior minimum age join and assign action from certain alternate users.

🎵 Music: Stop being lewd and start listening today, Sca has a Work-in-Progress music plugin that uses triple Lavaserver for its audio player. Supported many different soundboards in high quality.

🔞 NSFW: A sheer amount of nsfw commands and never reinvent the wheel. You always can request up to 15 images at once. Sca is never self proclaimed like BEST NSFW BOT, but honestly Sca is OUT-OF THE BOX

🎯Recon: Build on low penetration testing and recon, which allows quick enumerate, perfom and information gathering thru your own Discord server. Please read this section terms-of-service#recon.

🔞 Videossearch: Literally PornHub Lite version, heh. I can search a bunch of xxxxxx/crottt/segggs videos from many different video sites. Segggs and crottt!

⚙️ Settings: Sca is configurable enough, you can change your settings, such as nsfw-channel toggler, nsfw listeners, set prefix, set welcome, anti-alt, anti-raid, role-assignment, etc. Do anything, Sca is your servant!

It's all free forever!

Sca is listening for your commands 24/7 i guess, Sca is rarely downs.
Free - All main features are available for free; Support Sca also unlocks additional options.

We never lock behind a paywall, Forever. I-i m-meantttt f-for now. fufu

Full list of commands

Please, read the Documentation. Don't worry, it can be read through search button in less than a minute, unless you have some sort of reading disability.

See what else Scathach can outplays by visiting our website

Still need help?

Too complex? or facing issues, feel free to join ScathachGrip Server
Critical bug or common abuse: [email protected]

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