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From Moderation, to Anime and Memes, AGB is the perfect bot for you and your server

Prefix: tp!









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My prefix is tp!, to understand how to use me, do *tp!help - and I will show you all of my commands.

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Why Should I use AGB?

I have the Following Features:

Moderation, Fun, General Information About Users/Servers 24/7 Bot Uptime, Free and easy to use, No Bugs, Customizable Prefix, Fast response time, Always watching chat.

Here are my commands:


  • avatar

    • Get someones avatar
  • banner

    • Get the current banner image
  • bug

    • Report bugs that you run into
  • colors

    • Tells you all the colors this bot can make
  • firstmessage

    • Provide a link to the first message in current or provided channel.
  • give_color

    • Allows users to give themselves a color role. do tp!colors to see what you can add to yourself. If there arent any colors, do tp!rainbow to create the roles
  • joinedat

    • Check when a user joined the current server
  • mods

    • Check which mods are online on current guild
  • roles

    • Get all roles in current server
  • server

    • Check info about current server
  • server_avatar

    • Get the current server icon
  • suggest

    • Suggest things this bot should have or not have.
  • user

    • Get user information


  • ascii

    • Beautify some text
  • bigmoji

    • Post a large .png of an emoji
  • birb

    • Its really just geese
  • chatchart

    • Generates a pie chart, representing the last 5000 messages in the specified channel.
  • chatrevive

    • Revive the chat with fun topics.
  • coinflip

    • Flip a coin, heads or tails?
  • dog

    • Puppers
  • eightball

    • Ask 8ball
  • f

    • Press F to pay respect
  • hotcalc

    • Returns a random percent for how hot is a discord user
  • howgay

    • Tells you how gay a user is lol.
  • bonk

    • Bonk someone.
  • supreme

    • Make mockups of the shittiest clothing brand of all time.
  • facts

    • And that's a fact. (posts an image showing what you put in the fact book)
  • scroll

    • The scroll of truth!
  • calling

    • Posts a picture of tom calling the police with any text you want above him
  • salty

    • When someone is being salty
  • shame

    • Shame someone on the dock of shame
  • captcha

    • Custom captcha image
  • hex

    • Get color information from hex string.
  • hub

    • hub logo with any text you want
  • achievement

    • custom Minecraft achievements
  • challenge

    • custom Minecraft challenge
  • hug

    • Hug people
  • kiss

    • Kiss people
  • lenny

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • listemoji

    • Lists all available emojis in a server, perfect for an emoji channel
  • meme

    • sends you the dankest of the dank memes from reddit
  • mock

    • Mock a user with the spongebob meme
  • password

    • Generates a random password string for you
  • pat

    • Pat people
  • poke

    • Poke people
  • pp

    • Find out someones pp size
  • rate

    • Rates what you want
  • reverse

    • Reverses Shit
  • simp

    • Tells you if a user is a simp lol.
  • slap

    • Slap people
  • smug-

    • Look smug
  • tickle

    • Tickle people
  • ttt

    • Tic Tac Toe
  • urban

    • Find the 'best' definition to your words NSFW CHANNELS ONLY


  • about

    • About the bot
  • botserver

    • Get an invite to our support server!
  • invite

    • Invite me to your server
  • ping

    • Pong!
  • policy

    • Privacy Policy
  • say

    • Speak through the bot uwu
  • todo

    • Stuff to come, future updates i have planned for this bot


  • toggle

    • Toggle a command to disable it for the entire server, or enable it
  • raid_on

    • Enables basic raid mode for your server. This enables extreme raid prevention, everyone is then required to have a verified phone to be able to talk in your server.
  • raid_off

    • Disables raid mode on the server. When disabled, the server verification levels are set back to Low levels.
  • cleanup

    • Cleans up the bot's messages from the channel. If a search number is specified, it searches that many messages to delete. If the bot has Manage Messages permissions then it will try to delete
    • messages that look like they invoked the bot as well.
    • After the cleanup is completed, the bot will send you a message with which people got their messages deleted and their count.
    • This is useful to see which users are spammers. You must have Manage Messages permission to use this.
  • kick

    • Kicks a user from the current server.
  • setprefix

    • Set a custom prefix for the server
  • prefix

    • If you don't know what the servers current prefix is, you can check with this command
  • addrole

    • Adds a role to a user.
  • removerole

    • Removes a role from a user.
  • deleterole

    • Delete a role from the server.
  • perms

    • Tells you what permissions the bot has.
  • rainbow

    • Creates a bunch of color roles for your server.
    • This command has a 500 second cooldown for the entire server to prevent rate limit abuse and api spam.
  • removerainbow

    • Remove all the rainbow roles in your server so you dont have to do it manually.
    • This command has a 500 second cooldown for the entire server to prevent rate limit abuse and api spam.
  • nickname

    • Nicknames a user from the current server.
  • toggleslow

    • slow the chat
  • newusers

    • Tells you the newest members of the server.
    • This is useful to check if any suspicious members have joined.
    • The count parameter can only be up to 25.
  • hoist

    • Changes users names that are hoisting themselves (Ignores Bots)
  • reset_names

    • Tries to reset all members nicknames in the current server (Ignores bots)
  • bans

    • Shows the servers bans with the ban reason
  • ban

    • Bans a member from the server. You can also use userID's
    • the bot needs have Ban Member permissions.
    • You also need Ban Member permissions.
    • Example: tp!ban @Motzumoto#9773
    • Example with reason: tp!ban @Motzumoto#9773 I'm a bad person
    • Example with userID: tp!ban 101118549958877184
    • Example with userID and reason: tp!ban 101118549958877184 I'm a bad person
  • massban

    • Bans a member from the server.
    • You can also use userID's.
    • the bot needs have Ban Member permissions.
    • You also need Ban Member permissions.
    • You can ban multiple people at the same time.
    • tp!massban userID1
    • userID2
    • userID3
  • unban

    • Unbans a member from the server.
    • You can pass either the ID of the banned member or the Name#Discrim
    • combination of the member. Typically the ID is easiest to use.
    • In order for this to work, the bot must have Ban Member permissions.
    • To use this command you must have Ban Members permissions.
  • unbanall

    • Unbans everyone from the server.
    • You can pass an optional reason to be shown in the audit log.
    • You must have Ban Members permissions.
  • softban

    • Soft bans a member from the server. The user gets banned for their messages to be delted, then they get unbanned.
    • To use this command you must have Kick Members permissions.
  • steal_emote

    • Clones any emote to the current server
  • find

    • A group command to find things, such as find someone with a specific UserID, Nickname, and Username.
  • mute

    • Mutes a user from the current server.
    • The user will be unmuted automatically in 30 minutes.
    • If you don't want the user to be unmuted automatically, do **tp!permamute
  • permamute

    • Mute someone forever. They do not get automatically unmuted.
    • Unlike regular mute, this one is a one and done command.
  • Third item

    • Indented item
    • Indented item
  • Fourth item

  • unmute

    • Unmutes a user from the current server.
  • purge

    • A group command to purge things with a specific search keyword
    • purge startswith: purge messages starting with a keyword.
    • purge images: Removes messages that have embeds or attachments.
    • purge all: Removes all messages.
    • purge reactions: Removes all reactions from messages that have them.
    • purge contains: Removes all messages containing a substring.
      The substring must be at least 2 characters long.
    • purge annoying: Removes annoying messages.
      This command purges mentions, embeds, files / attachments, and role mentions.
    • purge mentions: Removes messages that have user mentions.
    • purge embeds: Removes messages that have embeds in them.
    • purge emoji: Removes all messages containing custom emoji.
    • purge user: Removes all messages by the member
    • purge files: Removes messages that have attachments in them.
    • purge bot: Removes a bot user's messages

Thank You For Reading

Please Invite me, it's free and you can always remove me from your server, and if you do, please tell me what I should do differently. Thank you

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