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Need help? Support is just a DM away, create a ticket on any mutual guild all from one place.

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Server Member Interaction

  • Creating a Ticket - Creating a ticket is simple, you send any kind of direct message to GlennMail and he will respond with a list of all your mutual guilds. All you have to do is respond with the number that relates to the guild.

  • Responding to a Ticket - Once the ticket is created, anything you say after that point will be sent directly to that ticket channel for server staff to see. The bot will give hints after 2 minutes of idle time if you still wish to send the message or cancel the ticket.

  • Ending a Ticket - Once you've felt you have everything you need from the ticket, simply respond with gm!end and the ticket will close on your end. Server staff will be notified of this action and can move to close the ticket altogether on their end.

Server Staff Interaction

  • Responding to a Ticket - To respond to an open ticket you need to use gm!r <Message> in the ticket channel to have that message sent to the ticket author. This way you can still discuss the contents of a ticket with other staff in the channel without them seeing everything unless the command is used.

  • Closing a Ticket - Closing a ticket is done using gm!close which will notify the ticket author of this action (Unless they ended it first) and the ticket along with a transcript will be logged in the specified channel.

Bot Commands

You can use gm!help <Command> to get a description of the command or a usage example.

Staff Commands:

  • gm!setup - Set the bot up to work in the server.
  • gm!reply <Message> - Reply to the ticket author inside a ticket channel.
  • gm!close - Close a ticket channel.
  • gm!blacklist <@User/UserID> - This allows you to blacklist a user from creating tickets in your server.
  • gm!blacklisted - Displays all of the currently blacklisted server members.
  • gm!whitelist <@User/UserID> - Whitelist a user on the bot so they can create tickets again.
  • g!status - View the current status on ticket creation in the server.
  • gm!status <Enable/Disable> - Change the status of ticket creations in the server.

User Commands:

  • gm!end - End your ticket (Only works in DMs)
  • gm!transcripts - A list of all your stored transcripts.

Miscellaneous Commands:

  • gm!help - A list of all the bot commands.
  • gm!server - Displays the current setup of the bot.
  • gm!stats - Shows the bots statistics.
  • gm!diagnose - Shows missing permissions or functions that aren't setup/don't work due to permissions.
  • gm!ping - Outputs the response time and uptime of the bot.
  • gm!info - Shows information specific to the bot (Developer, Staff etc)
  • gm!invite - An invite link to the bot.
  • gm!prefix - Bots prefix.
  • gm!vote - Links you to all of the bot lists where you can vote for the bot.
  • gm!voted - Returns the data on your last vote (If any)
  • gm!voted <@User/UserID> - Check when a user last voted for the bot.
  • gm!votes - Lists all of the current bot voters and their vote count.

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