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Milim - An Anime Action Bot

An Anime-themed action bot that resolves around interacting with users in a fun, enjoyable, and unique way on Discord.

Action commands

A fun and exciting way for users to interact with one and other on Discord. Unlike other bots, Milim has a powerful Mention System that can find a user through various methods. This helps reduce the amount of @Mention used, which can be annoying for some users in the long term.

An example of how the Mention System works in a detailed perspective.

Various other commands

Milim also has various other commands, all spanning from Utilities to Anime. Milim also has a few NSFW commands for the lewdest weebs out there... Although, shame on you Senpai... ~

Take a breather... with some fun commands!

Take a moment to relax with Milim's fun commands! She has all from OwOify to Ship. Heck, we even have Cat or Dog command for those that want to cheer up.

Husbando and Waifurate

So sorry Ayana... Well, you're a bot so no hard feelings, yeah?

Ship command

Ship two who secretly like each other for their hilarious reactions! xD

Want to marry someone, but is too young or they live far away?

No need to worry, Milim got you covered! Propose in a weeb way, through 2D interaction on the internet. Nothing better, or am I right, all you fellow shy introverts out there?

Yikes, I guess I'll try again tomorrow... You better prepare yourself Sorano!

Are you bored? Watch some Anime!

Do you ever feel bored or tired of not finding the right anime through anime lists or "top 15 anime series of all time" websites? No need to fret kiddo, I've been there and done that. So now I've made it so that you can also get out of that bad habit, all through a simple Discord bot command. 

MyAnimeList - Random Anime, Manga or leave empty for either of them

MyAnimeList - Search for an Anime or Manga

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