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Multi-purpose Anime/Azur Lane bot with many image manipulation/generation, reactions, fun, anime and NSFW commands!

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More Stats

Shinano, the floofiest bot of them all.

Introducing Shinano, a general-purpose Discord bot with many fun, image, reactions, and NSFW commands to choose from!

⚓ | Shinano is the perfect bot for Azur Lane player! You can get detailed information about shipfus using the /ship command, as well as with gears and chapters using the /gear and /chapter commands!

🧠 | PR Calculation? EXP Calculation? Shinano won't even broke a sweat calculating those for you!

🏯 | She also can search up and show detailed info about thousands of animes and anime characters on MyAnimeList!

💖 | Over 20+ hentai/porn commands of premium quality to satisfy all your sexual needs/desires (completely free to use!)

🔍 | Look up sources of artwork with high accuracy using /sauce!

⭐ | Furthermore, Shinano has over 20+ image (generation/manipulation) and reactions commands for all of your entertainment needs!

🔨 | Shinano is being actively maintained, so even more features will be added in the future!

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